After you?

September 10th 2018

After you?

In an industry plagued with events what’s a single girl to do? Well, we no longer need rally up our single friends or convince our coupled friends to leave the comfort of their couch and venture out. No, this season it seems we’ve found the perfect partner one that’s readily and available and won’t let us down, The oversize sleeve.

Entering the room with power and finesse both confident in itself and its effect on others the oversize sleeve isn’t for the faint hearted. Having laid dormant since the late 80’s perhaps tired from all the appearances it made the oversize sleeve has been resting quietly waiting for the invites to arrive again and arrive they did.

St Vincent invited her St Laurent sleeve along to the Oscars and was probably outshone by her sleeve lets not forget this guest likes the spotlight. Kendall Jenner took her Redemption guests to the Vanity Fair party with minimal accessories and styling the look was well balanced. What better way to distract the press from discussing your personal life than to invite a Jean –Louis Sabaji power sleeve to The Brits and for that we must commend Cheryl Cole.

The Garm has uncovered the best power sleeves on the market and they are just waiting for your invite but be prepared to too utter the words “after you” as make no mistake these sleeves will be entering before you do.

Want to jump on this trend? The Garm has edited the most wearable power sleeves on the market.

Words by Fleur Egan

Images via Moda Operandi

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