Mr Colombini

September 10th 2018

Mr Colombini

Love them all hate them no one can deny the power of The Kardashians. I hold them personally responsible for black hair dye, extensions, over lining our lips, contouring and cycling shorts. With the power to bring back trends that time forgot it got me thinking who are the brains behind these bold beauty trends. Que Jonathan Colombini celebrity hair stylist whose client list reads like the ultimate reality TV Show. Having been the creative force on the hair of The Kardashians, Paris Hilton, Fergie, Demi Moore to name a few we knew we’d found our man

Having struggled with my hair since relocating from London to Sydney I am constantly trying to fight the humidity, maintain the condition and look like a goddess which is no mean feat in a hot climate. I’m hoping that Jonathan will provide me with the answers I’m seeking

The garm sits down with Jonathan to discuss must have products and the best hair trends to create at home

Words: Fleur Egan

    1. Jonathan I have always been told different information on the amount of times you should wash your hair is there a right or wrong answer?I would safely recommend washing every other day at min.. if you can do every two days then even better. Try a dry shampoo to buy you a day or two.
    2. Please answer this myth if don’t wash your hair for over a week does it start to self clean? Wouldn’t that be nice! This is a myth
    3. What products would you recommend for dry hair?I LOVE the Everpure line by L’Oreal Paris! It has something for every hair type. For dryness use the Moisture control with rosemary extract
    4. What are your tips and products for getting the perfect blow out? Less is more when using products.. if u want a blow dry to last use a volumizer at the root and a very light cream in the ends. To get that perfect round brush blow dry don’t forget to set your hair. When you are complete in smoothing each subsection, roll your hair up on the round brush and hit the cool shot button on your blow dryer; and now you’re set!


    1. Dry shampoo thoughts?If your hair isn’t 90% dry shampoo by the end of the week you’re doing it all wrong! LIVE for dry shampoo
    2. What piece of work are you most proud of?I’d have to say my custom wigs. It’s fun to see the process and even much more gratifying when my clients put them on!
    3. What is the key to great extensions? Do you have a go to brand?The key is to maintain them well! Be sure as the client you get all the at home care instructions from your stylist! My go to are “The Hair Shop” Smart tap tape ins
    4. Living in Sydney the humidity plays havoc with my hair what products do you swear by to fight the frizz?There isn’t a specific one I use quite a bit that I love. The key is to make sure it’s an oil based anti-humectant product.


  1. What hairstyle should we all be trying at home this summer? I’m doing and seeing a lot of short hair. Lobs & bobs. Either sleek and straight or wavy baby!
  2. Name your top 3 hair products? Dry shampoo, volume mouse, smoothing/ styling creams
  3. What hair trend do you never want to see again? Chunky highlights!!
  4. Best salon in LA? Roil Salon
  5. Best Salon in Sydney? La Boutique
  6. Lastly is there anyones hair that you are desperate to get your hands on and why?Yes! Many and for reasons to help… however I’ll keep it professional and not say

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