September 10th 2018


For those up on the perfume game perfume oil has been a thing as far back as the Egyptians who never scrimped on luxury. I’ve been wearing perfume oil for the last 7 years a brand that I can only get when travelling through Abu Dhabi ironically called a 1001 nights

Fast forward to 2018 and you can appreciate my joy that brands are catching wind and perfume oils are back in business with no air miles required

Introducing AYU a perfume inspired by the revered vedic scripts, AYU was born from a belief that intention imbues the soul of scent but I know what you’re thinking does it smell good?

In answer to your question yes it does. AYU offers 7 wonderful earthy scents from black musk to smoking rose these perfume oils not only smell great but sink into the skin perfectly and unlike eau de toilette stay on the skin much longer.

AYU also offers us facial mists and body oils and my favourite touch is a teaser kit with all 7 oils so you can decide which is your favourite

Tap on the link the get shopping AYU


Words by  Fleur Egan

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